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LIVE in Montreal (1996) (LP, CD, 2019)

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Empathy for the Evil (LP, CD, 2014)

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Opening for The Julie Ruin in Portland, 2016

"Wasn't Said" from "Empathy for the Evil produced by KRAMER. Many of the lyrics are directly out of two of Jean Smith's unpublished novels. Jean Smith is represented by the Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency.

David Lester and Jean Smith's ongoing collaboration on Magnet Magazine -- free Mecca Normal download every week.

The Listener graphic novel by David Lester (Arbeiter Ring Publishing, 2011).

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"Arguably the greatest rock band without a rhythm section ever, the duo of acid-voiced singer Jean Smith and guitar hero David Lester must be seen to be believed." -- Douglas Wolk

Jean Smith is a major writer of our generation." -- Ronnie Pontiac, senior editor Newtopia Magazine

"An unbending advocate of thoughtful indie culture for two decades now, the Vancouver guitar-and-voice twosome doesn't just make demanding music, they also make books, paintings, photos, cartoons, among other things." -- San Francisco Chronicle

Read the four star Rolling Stone review.

Classroom Events: How Art & Music Can Change the World

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7" on K Records

Mecca Normal - Frozen Rain at the Fast Forward Festival, 1994, Holland.

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The Listener
is distributed in Canada through LitDistCo, in the USA through AK Press, and in the UK through Global Book Marketing.
The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism by David Lester -- the revised, second printing is in stock at Available in Canada from Arbeiter Ring and in the US from AK Press.

Black Dot Museum of Political Art -- features David Lester's Inspired Agitators poster series including "Malachi" about war protester Malachi Ritscher.

PAINTINGS: David Lester
PAINTINGS: Jean Smith $100 USD paintings currently available

David Lester 2012
Jean Smith 2013


||"The Family Swan and ||other songs" Jean ||Smith's lyrics from the ||new CD

||" Afternoon Descends ||To Night" graphics by ||David Lester

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